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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Which photos are suitable?

    Our designers are very good at turning almost any photo into a beautiful portrait. However, it is important that the photo meets the guidelines for the best result. The more beautiful and sharper the image, the better the result! View the guidelines here . Are you unsure whether your photo meets the requirements? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

    Can I still see the portrait before it is printed?

    We think it is important that you are 100% satisfied before your portrait is printed to avoid disappointment. This is why our customers always see the portrait first for approval. If you are not satisfied with the design, some minor adjustments can be made. You can read which adjustments fall under this in our terms and conditions .

    Can I also have a portrait made with multiple pets on it?

    Yes, of course! If you want a portrait with two animals on it, you can order our duo pet portrait . Do you want a portrait with three animals? Then order our triple pet portrait . Unfortunately it is not possible to show more than three pets on one portrait because this does not fit nicely.

    Can I also have a portrait made of a pet other than a cat or dog?

    Yes, you can! We also regularly make portraits of, for example, horses and rabbits. In principle, all pets can be portrayed provided there is a good photo that meets the guidelines.

    I can't imagine what my pet will look like. Do you have more examples?

    There are only a few examples on the product pages of our webshop. It's probably hard to imagine what your pet will look like if these examples don't look like your pet. That is why we have listed an extensive selection of previously made portraits for your image. View the examples here .

    I have ordered a portrait from you before, but I would like to have an extra portrait made with the same drawing. Is this possible?

    This is certainly possible and in this case we can even offer you a discount. When ordering an extra portrait of the same illustration, we give a €10 discount. To do this, please contact our customer service at

    100% satisfaction guarantee

    You get to see the design first for approval before it is printed and shipped.