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    Photo guidelines

    Our talented designers can turn almost any photo into a beautiful portrait. However, it is important that the photo meets the guidelines for the best result:


    It is important that the photo is sharp and that it has good lighting. The characteristics of the pet must be clearly visible and the photo must not be overexposed or contain too many shadows.


    A front-facing photo with the pet looking into the camera from a standing or sitting position will give the best results. Other positions are also possible, provided the head and neck are clearly visible. Keep in mind that the pet will be shown in that position in the final portrait.


    It is of course the intention that the portrait closely resembles the pet. As a result, we do not recommend submitting photos with heavy filters because the portrait could then deviate in terms of colors from the actual colors of your pet.


    Accessories such as a collar, bow tie or outfit are also shown in the illustration. If you don't want this, it's better to use another photo. If you don't have this, you can email the photo to us and we can see if it is possible to hide the accessory. Any items visible in the background will not be displayed .

    Examples of unusable photos

    Examples of good photos

    Not sure if your image is good enough? Or do you want to have a portrait made of a pet that has died and of which you do not have a photo that meets all the guidelines? In many cases we can still make something beautiful out of it. Contact us!

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    You get to see the design first for approval before it is printed and shipped.