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    Pets in the Netherlands

    Pets are so common, but exactly how many pets are there in the Netherlands? And which breeds are the most common? Are the Dutch in general animal lovers? Curious about the answers to these questions? Then read on below!


    Pets in the Netherlands - The Stylish Pet Shop


    Almost half of Dutch households have at least one pet and in total there are about 27.3 million pets in our country. Unsurprisingly, dogs and cats are the most popular, with 23.4% of households owning a cat and 17.8% owning a dog. This is followed by the fish with 7.2%.

    The house-garden-and-kitchen cat is by far the most common, but there are also many purebred cats in our country. The top 5 most popular pedigree cats in the Netherlands are:

    1. Maine Coon
    2. ragdoll
    3. Norwegian Forest Cat
    4. british shorthair
    5. oriental shorthair

    The 5 most popular dog breeds in the Netherlands are:

    1. labrador retriever
    2. German shepherd
    3. golden retriever
    4. Bernese Mountain Dog
    5. French Bulldog

    The Dutch are animal lovers and for many people a pet is really seen as part of the family. There are almost no stray animals in our country. Every year thousands of dogs are brought to the Netherlands from abroad through stray animal organizations. These dogs come from problem areas and have often lived in bad conditions, luckily they are welcomed here with open arms.

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