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    Interior trend: Pet portrait

    You have probably taken dozens (or even many more) photos of your sweet pet(s) over the years. It's actually a shame that we often don't do much with this. In many households there are paintings, photo frames and other types of wall decoration of, for example, elephants or tigers, why not our own beloved pet? Okay, a standard photo of your pet may not be as exciting as a professional photo of an elephant in beautiful Africa, but we at The Stylish Pet Shop have come up with something nice for that: a personalized pet portrait!

    Pet portraits of all types of pets

    We create stylish and timeless pet portraits of all types of pets. With this you can let your dog, cat, rabbit, horse or other pet come back in your interior as a statement piece. A personalized portrait is of course super nice above your pet's own place, but anywhere in the interior it can be a nice and personal addition for decoration.

    A pet portrait is also beautiful as a memento of your deceased pet. A visual reminder of your beloved dog or cat, it is a meaningful and personal way to remember your beloved four-legged friend



    Pet portrait of Bobbie the cat - The Stylish Pet Shop


    A more stylish alternative than a regular photo

    Our portraits are hand drawn using a digital program based on the photo you submit. The final portrait takes on a modern, cartoon-like effect but remains very close to the original photo. The background around the pet is removed so that the focus is really on your pet and the portrait gets a timeless look. If desired, you can add your pet's name to the portrait in a nice, modern font. The portrait can be ordered framed so that it is immediately ready to be hung. You can also simply order the print separately and choose a frame that best suits your interior. The end result will be a nice decoration item where you can see at a glance that it is your pet, but which is much nicer and more stylish than a normal photo!

    We have three different styles. Check them out here:


    Pet portrait of Meeko the dog - The Stylish Pet Shop


    Order your own pet portrait

    Do you also want to order your own pet portrait or would you like to give one as a gift to someone else? Order a solo pet portrait

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    You get to see the design first for approval before it is printed and shipped.